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About the consultation

The North West Cullompton Masterplan SPD adopted in 2016 was considered under the Local Plan at the time of its preparation. The Mid Devon Local Plan Review 2013-2033 updates and replaces those policies through new policies CU1 to CU6.  

Whilst the 2016 Masterplan SPD remains relevant and most of the document remains the same, there are a number of key revisions in the consultation draft Masterplan SPD that we would like your views on.

The key revisions to the 2016 Masterplan that we are consulting on now are:
  • Updates to reflect adopted Local Plan policies
  • Inclusion of three areas of land allocated in the Local Plan but not previously masterplanned
  • Removal of provision for temporary construction access through St Georges View
  • Update to Framework Plan to reflect adopted policy and three planning permissions already granted
  • Updated phasing and infrastructure delivery sections
  • Updated appendices
Details of the key changes are set out below.

Clifton Emery have been engaged as consultants to revise the adopted North West Cullompton Masterplan SPD to reflect the new Local Plan policies.

Meetings have taken place with various organisations including Cullompton Town Council, Devon County Council and the landowners of the three new parcels to explore how the new areas might be masterplanned.

The draft masterplan has been reviewed at Mid Devon’s Planning Policy Advisory Group and was approved for public consultation by Mid Devon’s Cabinet on 17 May 2022.

Although the Local Plan made a number of material changes in the policies, many elements are unchanged. 

However there were a number of significant changes including a larger site area, increased dwelling numbers, change to affordable housing requirement and new requirements such as extra care housing and serviced plots for self-builders. There are also new requirements for contributions towards a new recycling centre, sporting and leisure facilities and a different school requirement

Policy CU1

Policy CU1 makes the following changes:

  • Increase in site area from 74.8 hectares to 100 hectares
  • Increase in number of dwellings from 1100 to 1350
  • Change to the percentage of affordable housing from 35% to 28%
  • Provision of extra care housing
  • 5% of housing to be provided as serviced plots for sale to self-builders
  • Reduction in amount of employment floor space from 40,000 square metres to 10,000 square metres, to include a care home or retirement complex (already reflected in the 2016 Masterplan).

Policy CU2

Policy CU2 deletes the requirements for a shared use path between Cullompton and Willand (already reflected in the 2016 Masterplan) and the creation of a footway and shared use link along Millennium Way (SPD refers to financial contributions towards this provision).

Two additional requirements have been added:

  • Financial contributions towards the Town Centre Relief Road and traffic management measures on Willand Road and Tiverton Road; and
  • Capacity improvements at junction 28 M5, to deliver a strategic highway improvement as demonstrated by capacity studies completed to assess the impact of the traffic generated from the site.

Policy CU3

Policy CU3 remains largely unchanged. However, it deletes the requirement for an extension to the cemetery, and changes the amount of amenity open space from 2.8 hectares to 2.6 hectares and adds the following requirements:

  • 4 hectares for parks, sports and recreation grounds;
  • 0.1 hectares for a community garden adjoining the health centre; and
  • Appropriate provision for sewerage systems serving the development, and provision of a strategically designed, and phased, Sustainable Urban Drainage Scheme to deal with all surface water from the development and arrangements for future maintenance.

Policy CU4

Policy CU4 updates the requirements for provision of a primary school from a 210 place school, to a 420 place school, and requires financial contributions towards sporting a leisure facilities and a new recycling centre to serve Cullompton. The policy deletes the requirement for an Integrated Youth Support Services satellite unit.

Policy CU5

Policy CU5 remains largely unchanged but clarifies the wording so that off-site tree planting can be provided where sufficient cannot be accommodated on site.

Policy CU6

Policy CU6 makes the following changes:

  1. Affordable housing to be provided in broad step with market housing (changed from at a ratio of 1 affordable dwelling per 2 market dwellings).
  2. Adds provision of all serviced self-build plots after the through route linking Tiverton Road to Willand Road is operational.
  3. Provision of commercial development after the delivery of the first 500 houses and prior to the delivery of the first 800 houses, at a rate of at least 0.9 hectare per 150 occupied dwellings thereafter (changed from in step with housing, at a rate of at least 1 hectare per 100 occupied dwellings).
  4. Provision of 8.8 hectares of strategic green infrastructure including equipped public open space and one playing pitch prior to the occupation of no more than 500 dwellings (changed from the transfer of the green infrastructure to the local authority).
  5. Implementation of local bus service improvements prior to the occupation of no more than 500 dwellings and strategic bus service enhancements phased with development (changed from occupation of no more than 300 dwellings before the implementation of bus service enhancements).
  6. Occupation of no more than 500 dwellings before the opening of a ‘through route’ linking Willand Road to Tiverton Road and the delivery of traffic management measures on Willand Road (changed from 300 dwellings before the through route is open).
  7. Transfer of land for a primary school together with right of access to the Local Education Authority prior to the commencement of the development on the site, and transfer of funding for education facilities in instalments.
  8. The necessary sustainable urban drainage features, and linking pipe work is integrated and phased appropriately in step with development and, where required, temporary measures should be taken during construction to protect downstream areas from additional water run-off.
  9. Occupation of no more than 600 dwellings prior to the completion of the Cullompton Town Centre Relief Road.

The map shows the three new areas that are being masterplanned. These are shown on the Local Plan policies map as mixed use and green infrastructure. Please see the interactive map page of this website to view the revised Framework Plan for the North West Cullompton urban extension.

References in the 2016 Masterplan to use of a temporary construction access through St Georges View have been removed as construction of the road between Willand Road and Tiverton Road will now start from both ends and join in the middle.

The ‘Delivering the Place’ section covering infrastructure and housing delivery and phasing has also been completely revised to reflect new policy requirements and to ensure consistency with planning permissions already granted for the first 600 homes.

The 2016 Masterplan can be viewed on the Mid Devon website: Northwest Cullompton Urban Extension - MIDDEVON.GOV.UK

The table below shows the changes that have been made

2016 Masterplan   Changes made in consultation draft SPD
Section Page  
Foreword   Revised text
    New introduction page and diagram
1.1 6 Revised text
    New page on planning permissions granted
1.2 8 New planning policy context page
  9 Diagram replaced with adopted Local Plan policies map
1.3 10 Revised text
  11 Flow chart with additional steps to adoption of revised SPD
1.4 12-13 Section moved to Appendices
1.5 14-15 Section moved to Appendices
1.6 16-17 Section moved to Appendices
1.7 18-21 Section moved to Appendices
2.1 26-27 Updated diagrams
2.2 28-29 Updated text and diagram
2.3 30-31 Updated text and constraints plan
3.1 34 Updated vision text
3.1 35 Updated images
3.2 36 Updated text
3.2 37 Updated diagram
3.3 39-43 Revised text to reflect policy in adopted Local Plan
4.1 47 New Framework Plan to reflect Local Plan allocations and approved planning applications
  49 Revised text to reflect policy in adopted Local Plan and changes to the Use Classes Order
4.2 50-51 Updated section
4.3 52 Text updated to reflect number of houses in adopted Local Plan
4.3 53 Updated diagram
4.4 54 Revised text to reflect policy in adopted Local Plan
  55 Updated diagram
4.5 56 Revised text to reflect policy in adopted Local Plan
  57 Updated diagram
  58 Addition of “Areas retained for farmland”
  59 Updated images
  61 Updated diagram
  62 Updated text
  63 Updated diagram
5.1 66 Updated section
5.2 67 Updated section
5.3 68-71 Updated section
5.4 72-73 Section referring to access through St George’s Well deleted
5.5 74-75 Section updated
5.6 76 Revised text to reflect policy in adopted Local Plan
  77 Updated Framework Plan
Appendix A   Updated where new information available and updated diagrams
Appendix B   Second round consultation on 2016 Masterplan moved to Appendix B

Appendix A Factors Shaping Development has been updated to include the new land parcels.

Appendix B Consultations includes all the consultation that took place on the original North West Cullompton Masterplan SPD.

The full consultation document is available to view on the Draft masterplan page.

The draft SPD will be reviewed and finalised before going back to Mid Devon’s Planning Policy Advisory Group and Cabinet, and to Full Council for adoption by Autumn 2022.